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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Organic Baby food made at home, Much cheaper, and a lot healthier and much more fun

Have you ever read the ingredients on those little baby food jars, wow, so many preserves in them the food must be mummified right? and the price jee wiz, well mothers didn't use to go to the store to buy premade food in a jar they actually made their own for their infants,
what you need is:
1.) Blender that can puree
2.) water
3.) fresh veggies and fruits of yours or your babies choice.
4.) and a little lemon juice.
 5.) and some small jars with good lids
6.) and some assorted meats of your choice if you choose
first you will need to wash your veggies and fruits of your choice, then boil or steam them to the tenderness your baby can eat.
second, cut them up and put them in your blender with a couple table spoons of water and a little lemon juice as a preservative and natural flavor.
third puree the veggies or fruits. and keep adding water until they are as thin as your baby needs.
any left overs simply spoon into small containers and put in freezer you can take them out and warm them up to unthaw them always remember to check the temp so you don't burn your babies mouth.

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