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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Are Rabbits Injoying your garden more then YOU?

Are rabbits eating your garden, Do they seam to sprout wings to get over your fence,or do they seem to put together a well thought out plan of eating through your fence taking turns to get to the carrots. Here are a few Ideas on how to keep them away. 1.)sprinkle hair (yours or a pets hair around your plants) I know it sounds crazy but It works and this is why, Humans and animals such as your dog or cat are a natural predater for rabbits thus smelling an enemy they turn and run, rabbits are not a fighting animal they will not fight for their meal, This also works for dear, It seams to work well enough that the the department of West Virginia department of natural recourses is using this techneque for dear. 2.)Sprinkle black pepper or Cayane Pepper around your plants, It is a natural Rabbit repelant. You see sence black pepper or cayane pepper does not smell good to a rabbit and masks the (good smell) they will go away, if they don't think there is something good for them to eat they will not keep searching in your garden. Thus making you no longer wish for wabbit hunting season, everyone is happy, no bunnies harmed, your plants arnt harmed and neither is your soil. Black pepper nor any other type of pepper will harm your soil plus if you want to mulch through the winter you already have a start.

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