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Monday, October 17, 2011

Health and beauty tips using tea

 Tea has many uses around the house, in this blog we will give you some tips on using it for health and beauty, such as a skin soother.

1.) The mayo clinic says using camomile and colendula can sooth dermatitus when applied to skin.

2.) Washing your face with green tea can sooth acne because it is a mild aniseptic. and using colendula flower tea is a alternative to benzole peroxide.

3.) Using a wet cool tea bag over your eyes can reduce swelling and sooth tired eyes.

4.) Applying a cool wet tea bag over a lost tooth area on your child having them bite down can reduce pain and help the spot clot from the tannic acid in tea.

5.) Brewed tea rinse for your hair is a wonderful conditioner, soak your hair let it sit for a bit letting it dry a little then rinse and your hair is healthy and shiny. do not blow dry let it dry natural for best results

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